International Yoga Day

We celebrated virtual International Yoga Day, on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

68 people signed up for the event, and 40 actually attended the event, We all learned so much from all of the experts in their own fields, to regain balance and strength in our daily lives

Dr. Prerna Arya: Opening prayer, pranayama and other breathing exercised, from Indian Consulate, Chicago,

Dr. Anju Chetia : Ayurveda; Physical and Emotional Immunity Building joined us from Mumbai, India, Lotus Ayurveda Hospital

Pam Brockman: Meditation and light yoga, from Chicago, Art of Living,

Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi: Global Mind Set; Mango Networx, from Chicago,

Anthony, Student from Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi’s online class shared practicing mindfulness and inclusiveness as black young man in this increasingly intolerant society

Walidah G. Bennett: Director, Multi faith initiative, DePaul University, Chicago

Debbie Miller, Chair Yoga, Valparaiso YMCA

Each Life is Precious